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Climate Change media search

December 2014
23rd Release of the Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: June 2014 News article
July 2014
18th Carbon tax abolished News article
June 2014
23rd Reintroduction of Carbon Tax Repeal Bills News article
18th Introduction of the Carbon Farming Initiative Amendment Bill 2014 News article
May 2014
16th NGER (Measurement) Amendment Determination 2014 - consultation draft News article
April 2014
15th Release of the National Greenhouse Accounts News article
February 2014
5th Release of the September quarter 2013 national inventory estimates News article
December 2013
20th Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper News article
20th Australia’s Abatement Task and 2013 Emissions Projections News article
13th Release of the June quarter 2013 national inventory estimates News article
November 2013
13th Carbon tax repeal bills introduced into Parliament News article
8th CSIRO report on sampling soil organic carbon released News article
October 2013
24th Release of the March quarter 2013 National inventory estimates News article
16th Emissions Reduction Fund News article
15th Carbon Tax Repeal News article
September 2013
29th Repeal of the carbon tax and introduction of the Direct Action Plan News article
28th Release of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report News article
February 2013
20th Ideas and influence: How can scientific knowledge shape policy? Speech
14th Winkler shares expert views on climate change News article
14th Nominations sought for environment awards News article
2nd Climate Change - The New Normal Speech
December 2012
5th Efficiency of Reporting under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme News article
November 2012
16th End of solar credits to moderate electricity cost impact News article
14th Global action at a glance News article
9th Carbon pricing – A simple yet powerful concept Speech
October 2012
31st Our infrastructure ill-prepared for the impacts of climate change News article
4th UK's top scientist to tour Australia News article
September 2012
28th Clinton welcomes us to the Cleaner Air Coalition News article
24th Getting the dirt on how to get the most from the land News article
20th Consultancy report by Pitt & Sherry - Review of literature on international best practice for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from coal seam gas production News article